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There are times when love can turn our stomach, when grief or shame brings us to our knees. There are times when we belong to vulnerability, to some irreconcilable and jagged personal hell.

It seems simple: Kevin (Raj Bond) is selling the coffee; Wendy (Shadia Ghantous) comes to buy it. Yet both people are seized by something outside of their interaction, something powerful, intense and unsettling. Their lives are undeniably bound together, but how?

Closed Frame is a short film that evokes the profound, personal intensity of our most ruinous emotional states; the very moments when, overcome, we have lost control.

Reticence Picture Company presents


Written and Directed by ZACK SIEVERS

Starring RAJ BOND as Kevin


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Raj Bond

Actor, Producer, Camera Operator, Lighting Coordinator

Raj Bond studied theatre arts and business management at Bradley University. His passion for acting comes from a life long participation in live theater and a dedication to performing arts instilled by his Grandparents at an early age. Closed Frame marks his debut as a professional film actor and producer. He is currently applying to acting studios for post-graduate actor training. The bulk of his research in college is based on the actor process within different mediums with the use of Sanford Meisner technique.

Shadia Ghantous


"It is a blessing to be born with a passion for acting. We are present day versions of our ancestors, the cavemen that sat around a fire reenacting events and telling stories that brought everyone closer together. The ability to evoke emotions in an audience without direct contact is an unexplainable high. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I wasn't a storyteller. I am a vessel used to bring someones story to life."

Zack Sievers

Producer, Writer, Director, Production Coordinator, Glidecam Operator

Zack Sievers studied philosophy and political science at Bradley University. Closed Frame is both his screenwriting and directorial debut. He is currently applying to doctoral programs in philosophy as well as working on research projects that explore the philosophical dimensions of Vincent van Gogh's correspondence.

Grace Pisula

Producer, Director of Photography, Assistant Director, Camera Operator

Grace's passion for visual media began when, at the age of 16, she was hired as a photographer's assistant. Thereafter she developed an eye for color and composition. Working mostly with still and moving picture mediums, Grace's passion is driven by a challenge. Her excitement for visual media permeates her work environment. Grace is currently based in Peoria, IL.

Kyle Ankrum


Kyle is currently a student and teacher of Multimedia at Illinois Central College. He is transferring to Illinois State University in Fall 2013 to study film. He is pursuing a carreer in film editing and post-production.

John C. Bond

Executive Producer

John C. Bond is currently majoring in Cinema & Media studies at University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and is the Vice President of the New Revels Players theater troupe. He has minors in theatre arts and music composition as well as a concentration in Pre-law. John aspires to attend a top five law school for entertainment law in the future.

Corey Cretney

Sound Editor

Corey Cretney is currently finishing up his final months at Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy in Chicago with a degree in sound design for film. He found interest in sound for film after initially pursuing a career in music recording. Corey still finds time for music when he is not working on films and is excited to see where his career will take him.

Lane Baird

Production Sound Mixer

Lane Baird spends his creative hours working with media development and has a passion for music production. He is a proud supporter of the visual and performing arts culture and promotes projects similar to this one. Lane is currently located in Denver, Colorado while studying a masters program at the University of Denver.

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